Water Supply from Persian Gulf Company (WASCO) of water transmission and supply was established at July 6th 2013 (5/4/1392 Iranian year) and its registered in office of registering noncommercial companies and institutions of Tehran with registration number 440907. the company was established by efforts of these three companies:

- Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company

- National Iranian Copper Industries Company

- Chadormalou Mining and Industrial Company


The main activities of the Water Supply from Persian Gulf Company (WASCO)  are as follow:

All investments, activities and construction services , economic, participation in other  contracting companies, trading, consulting and supervision, investing in water desalination and refinery and establishing water refinery and its accessories and buying water refinery equipment, procurement and water transmission pipeline to industrial complexes participation in making and investing in plans and dam construction ,water transfer from dams and water producing resources and participation and construction in all industries ,companies, and institutions, buy water and changing its usage and also water transfer from far resources and  transfer from different provinces ,technical engineering economic studies of the comprehensive plan of water supplying and planning and executing water transition plans and sewage  and constructing Installation  and places related to water and wastewater , developing strategies including goals and priorities regarding water reserves with schedules and financial plans and executing the comprehensive plan of water supplying and sewer installations of industrial and mineral and agricultural units, and implementing water transition lines from water refinery factory, maintenance and managing operation and repairing related to water transition main lines and subsidiary lines.

The main activities quality engineering and support the water transfer of the Persian Gulf (Pvt.)

 Company activities in accordance with Article 2 of the Articles of Association as follows:

All investments and Implementation building projects and constructing and industrial agricultural services and buy and selling current and noncurrent assets and participation with natural and legal persons domestic and foreign and governmental in mentioned course, buy and sell all legal trading goods and after changing the name the below items added to the companies activates according the decisions of the extraordinary general meeting dated February 25th 2015:


Support services, technical and quality check required items Persian Gulf Water Transfer Project in every possible way through attracting qualified professionals or contract with companies on the subject of technical review and quality.